ENGLISH in ACTION 2018 (Monday 12th – Friday 16th 2018)

This year 71 students out of 91 pupils at our school joined the EiA project and experienced a great week of talking, playing and acting English.

Our teachers coming from Liverpool, Brighton, Hastings, Cambridge and Manchester were: Jennie Khan (senior teacher), Alison Brown, Wendy Davis, Amanda Wakely, Gregory MacKay and Keith Little.

The groups worked on different topics at levels ranging from A1 (first class) to B1 (fourth class). Lots of classroom activities were done, games played and projects worked out. At the end of the week all groups did a stage performance of their plays for the parents and each student received his/her special certificate.

I´d like to thank all parents who made it possible for their kids to take part in the project, our headmaster, Dir. Franz Saxinger, agreeing with us English teachers that this project definitely is a great way to boost our student`s motivation for learning English, I want to thank our English in Action teachers who always do such a fine job in Peilstein and of course I congratulate all our students on their fantastic achievement.

mitterlehner robert