Mr. Bond at our school

On Tuesday, 30th April, there were special guests of Canada at our school. Julia Böck, who lived in Vancouver the last two years, and Alex Bond, a Canadian citizen, told us something about Canada. First, they showed us the Canadian flag, then they asked us if we know the capital city of Canada. The capital is Ottawa, most of us were surprised because we thought that Toronto or Vancouver are the capital. After the geographical information, they presented some pictures of animals which live in Canada like bears, eagles, salmons, bibbers etc. and about the Canadian way of life.

Here are some statements about the presentation – written by students of 2a, 2b and 3a:

- The guests were very friendly.

- We like that they told us what we can do in Canada.

- In Canada they have got 5 different time zones.

- I like the story best that every year a brown bear picks apples from a tree in Alex’s garden.

- It was really interesting to see the orca whale next to their boat.

- The pictures of the amazing mountains with the snow on the top were one of the best things.

- Canada is very big.

- We found it nice, because they showed us pictures and explained it very well.

- In Canada you can travel by water taxis and you can fly with seaplanes from island to island. They need seaplanes because they don’t need a lot of space to start and land.

- I was surprised that Mr. Mandl was on the pictures. He is Julia’s uncle and so he was on many pictures.

- There are so many different animals in Canada, which aren’t in our country.

- Alex also told us that he likes fishing.

- It was very interesting because it was something different and we have never learnt about it.

- I was really surprised about the beautiful landscape, mountains and lakes.

- The quiz was really funny because many of us gave the wrong answer.

- The best things of Canada are the beautiful islands and sights which Mr. Bond and Mrs. Böck showed us.

- If you travel to Canada it takes you about 13 hours.


Thank you very much Julia and Alex for your visit, we really enjoyed having you in Peilstein.